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Moving Tips

Label, Label, Label

Labeling can easily be forgotten when you are rushing to get everything packed. Have a couple of markers available, so when one gets left in a different room (or lost), you have another to use. Label, at least, what room the box belongs in. Labeling makes unpacking much easier.  

Heavy Item = Small Box

Make sure to pack heavier items in smaller boxes. Larger boxes are already awkward to carry, and they are typically heavier because more items fit inside. By packing heavier items in smaller boxes, it makes them easier to carry and maneuver. 


If you plan on using a company to complete your move, don't wait until the day or two before to call. It is best to call at least two weeks before the day you plan to move. Still, the sooner the better!

First In, Last Out

As you are packing boxes onto a truck remember, the first boxes you put in will be the last boxes to come out.  Make sure to pack the boxes you will need the soonest last!


Take some of the stress out of moving by de-cluttering your home BEFORE the move. This keeps you from moving unwanted items and makes unpacking and organizing your new home go much smoother. 

Remove Stored Items

It is better to remove stored items from furniture with drawers or cabinets, especially if the piece is heavy, like solid wood. Removing items stored in the furniture will make the piece easier to move and ensure the items are not damaged inside the piece during the move. 

The Walk-Through

When getting a quote from a company, they should complete a walk-through to ensure an accurate quote is provided. If they do not offer one, it is a good idea to ask for it. A walk-through allows the company to see the size, weight, and location of all items needing to be moved. This protects you from any surprise charges or fees. 

Take Pictures

One of our favorite moving tips! Take pictures of how your electronics are plugged in. This will potentially eliminate tons of stress and save time when it is time to plug them back in. 

Hanging Clothes

To save box space, when packing hanging clothes, use large trash bags. Open the bag and turn upside down. Create a hole in the middle of the seam.  The hangers will go through the hole and the bag over the clothes. *Optional* Once in the bag, tie the bottom of the bag just in case items fall off hangers.